Internal Roads

All the roads are designed by calculating longest transport vehicles used for logistics in India and are of national highway standards of minimum two-lane highways.

The main road is 20 Mt. wide with black top equals to four lane highway and all secondary roads are of 15 Mt. and 12 Mt. width with minimum blacktop equals to two lane highway.

Water Supply Network

Water supply will be done by dedicated borewells through underground sumps, and beautifully designed an overhead tank with combined capacity of around 6 lakh litre.

All the units will have metered water supply, such supply capacity which will exceed GIDC criteria of 13.1 KLD per Hectare.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage network covers the entire usable area of the park with a capacity to process 100% of supplied water.

Entire network Is divided into three zones and all zones have their own dedicated Sewage Treatment plant.

Sewage generated in Individual units is routed through their individual Inspection Chambers to the Manholes of main lines and through piped network, it is gathered in Sewage Treatment plants such sewage is then treated to potable quality water & is used back to water common green areas of the park.

Storm Water Drainage Network

The entire park is leveled 450 mm above the connecting highway to prevent the rain water intrusion from outside.

Rain falling inside the park will be serviced through the RCC trench network provided along all roads.

Entire Storm-water network is designed with the capacity to evacuate rainwater equals to 1.5 times of maximum rain recorded in last 50 years.

Admin Building

The park will have a bouquet of other infrastructure facilities – A beautifully designed and state of the art admin building with chairman & secretary cabin, common reception, conference rooms, multimedia training room, meeting rooms, CCTV control room, estate manager’s cabin with staff seating, and day medical center will provide much needed support to the occupants and ensure smooth running of the common facilities.

Fire Fighting Network For Common Infrastructure

In the case of an unforeseen event of a fire, fire hydrant network laid down in the park with 100% coverage, will immediately spring into action.

Electrical Trench

Mascot Industrial Park will be sourcing around 4 Megawatts power from Sadara substation through a dedicated line.

Three dedicated primary substations will have an inter-looped network to take care of electrical loads required by units.

Entire Electrical caballing will be housed in three layer cable trays secured in underground electrical cable RCC trench. The first tray will be house cable for high tension connection, the second tray for low tension cables and bottom tray for data cables and communication lines.

All units will have openable covers so that connections can be upgraded, maintained and repaired in future without any destruction. All units will have secondary substation within 200 Mt. range and will be provided with low tension three phase connection and can be upgraded to any capacity as and when required.


More than 100 CCTV cameras will keep close watch with 100 % coverage of all common areas; dedicated staff will monitor the cameras from hi tech control room situated in the Admin building.

Weigh Bridges

The park contains two weighbridges one of 80 Tone capacity and another is of 100 Tone capacity.

Security Gate & Compound wall

The entire park is secured gated community with 24 x 7 security patrols and guards, two gates called – Progress Gate and Prosperity Gate are identical in all design parameters and will be manned 24 x 7 with multiple security guards.

Peripheral compound walls are 11ft high barriers with 5 ft high razor wire fencing on top of it to ensure no intrusion is possible from the periphery.


All the roads have footpaths on both the sides to ensure smooth and safe movements of people.


Hi-Speed Interned service will be delivered through dedicated Wi-Fi network

Common Green spaces with rest areas

The park exhibits its lush green common area with potable water taps, common toilets, gazebos, mini canteens. This will not only give comfortable stopovers for lorry drivers and workers but will also act as recreational space.

Street lights

LED street lights will cover each corner of the park, will give you daytime effect in the darkest hour of the night.

Uniform Compound wall

All the units will be provided uniform boundary walls with dedicated space for signage and same will act as green space as it is designed as planter wall.

Truck Terminals

Saperate area for Truck parking is alloted which have restrooms, toilets, canteen facilities for truck drivers to manage easy traffic for Industrial Park.

Residences, Petrol Pump, Commercial Complex

To complete the ecology suited for any business park has separate area where there will be 200 residential units which can be used as dormitory or quarters for staff up to mid-management level, Commercial complex will have dedicated space for grocery store, bank, courier services, transport operator, labour supply agencies, material handling equipment hire agencies and a medical store.

Hotel equivalent to 3-star category will have 30 comfortable rooms, 24 x7 cafeterias, and restaurant

Fuel Station will ensure your loads are always running on full tanks when it’s coming in or going out of Mascot Industrial Park.